Plumb Line provides outsourced online examination solutions to the training and financial services industries.

We identified the following operational risks when corporate examinations are managed in-house:

  • Examination software is specialised and requires experienced staff that will be able to periodically assess and adapt the software according to company and industry changes. Recruiting and retaining staff to manage an in-house examination platform can be very costly and finding suitable replacement staff is not easy. Plumb Line provides continuity when it comes to examinations management and has the expertise to adapt software when changes are required.
  • Field staff and staff at branches do not always have access to the corporate IT platform, which creates an obstacle to taking their exams. Plumb Line’s outsourced online examination services make it possible for all staff to complete their exams at a time that suits them. All results are exported to the client’s HR system (ORACLE, SAP and People Soft) for record purposes.
  • Turnaround time could be a risk when examinations are managed in-house. Plumb Line has a full service level agreement in place with each client that determines the type, as well as, the level of service and turnaround.
  • Off-the-shelf examination software products will not provide the optimum solution to all businesses. Plumb Line is able to customise our service offering and end-user experience to meet clients’ specific needs.

Plumb Line’s online (web-based) examinations include:

  • Capturing, publishing, maintaining and hosting examinations
  • Hosting of learning resources with the examinations
  • Client-specific user interface
  • Specialised assessment requirements
  • Detailed and customised reporting of learner results
  • Learner email and call centre support
  • Integration with ORACLE, SAP and PEOPLE SOFT

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