Plumb Line was founded in 2001 – this year celebrating 14 years of service excellence to our clients.   Our vision at Plumb Line is to be recognised in the financial services industry as a partner and integral part of our clients’ operational risk management, by offering solutions that align the people and process components within their businesses.

Plumb Line’s vision is based on the principle of the plumb line, a tool used by builders to ensure that their newly-built walls are aligned to the entire structure. Plumb Line equates the corporate world to this building principle. If the people and process “bricks” are not aligned, the corporate structure is unstable and this becomes a risk to the business. Plumb Line provides services that align these corporate “bricks” within our clients’ businesses to reduce the operational risk.


We built a trusted team of experts from the financial services industry that understand operational risk management requirements.

Izak de Wet  – Managing Director

Wouter Couvaras  – Director

Noel Davis  – Operations Manager

Willie Krause – Solutions Architect

Colin Elliot  – Client Support and Service Manager

Jeremy Kerchhoff  – Training Program Manager

Tracey Tomlinson  – Editorial and Content Manager