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Custody I

Estimated study time: 8 – 11 hours

The Custody I module is the first in a series of two modules that deal with
the custody function.

The 1st first topic describes the markets that have developed for the trade
of financial assets globally and in South Africa. The role and functions performed by Strate and the Participants are described. Transfer secretaries
and typical clients of custody service providers are introduced.

The 2nd topic in this module summarises the various stages of the securities’
trade cycle. The contrast between a paper-based settlement environment and an electronic settlement environment are highlighted in this topic.

In the 3rd topic the learner is introduced to concepts related to custodianship.
The settlement agent and safe custody functions are summarised
and various types of custodians are described. Finally, the key components
of a custodianship agreement are outlined to the learner.


  • Stakeholders in the Industry
  • The Trade Cycle
  • Custody
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