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Estimated study time: 6 – 10 hours

The Equities module offers the learner a peek into the vibrant world of the
stock market. The module comprises four topics and commences with a
review of the financial markets and different types of business ownership.
The focus then shifts to shares and the concept of equity ownership. How
shares are issued, the markets that shares trade on and different types
of shares and equity-related securities are discussed in this module. Debentures,
stock market indices, index funds and collective investment
schemes are also briefly outlined in this module, Finally, the learner is
introduced to the equity trade cycle, with all its different stages from order
placement through to final share registration.

Equities Topics

  • Equity as a Means of Finance
  • Types of Equity Instruments
  • How Equities are Listed Traded
  • The Equity Trade Cycle
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