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International Investments

Estimated study time: 8 – 12 hours

The International Investment module introduces the learner to the world
of foreign exchange and international investment. The module comprises
four topics, and commences with a contrast between emerging markets
and developed economies. The concepts underlying fixed and floating
exchange rates, foreign reserves and the gold standard are outlined to
the learner. International investment and the options available to South
African investors wishing to diversify offshore are summarised.

The two tier currency system that South Africa had in place for a number
of years, the gradual phasing out of exchange controls in South Africa
and the development of the net open forward position are outlined. Factors
affecting the stability of the balance of payments position are summarised
and leads and lags are defined.

The final topic in this module introduces the learner to international offshore
financial centres, money laundering and the requirements of local
legislation. Trusts and offshore trusts are introduced and the problems
with multi-jurisdiction estates summarised. Finally, different types of offshore
mutual funds and taxes payable on foreign investments are listed.


  • Foreign Exchange & Foreign Markets
  • Investing Offshore
  • Foreign Exchange Control
  • Tax Havens and Trusts
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