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Introduction to Financial Markets

Estimated study time: 18 – 29 hours

The Introduction to Financial Markets module comprises 15 topics introducing
the learner to the fascinating, complex and rapidly changing
world of financial markets. The module endeavours to explain some of
the more commonly encountered financial market terminology while introducing
the learner to a range of different financial markets plus a variety of
aspects related to these markets and the financial system.

The module kicks off with topics dealing with the economy, the financial
system and the financial institutions that exist in South Africa. International
investment, custody and financial legislation are discussed, before
the learner is introduced to a variety of financial markets and the financial
instruments that trade on these markets. Equities, interest-bearing securities,
derivatives, property, collective investment schemes (unit trusts),
hedge funds, and securities lending are all covered at a high level in this
module. Finally, the module deals with retirement funds, portfolio management
and portfolio performance.

Introduction to Financial Markets Topics

  • The Economy & Fin System
  • Banking Institutions in SA
  • The Insurance Industry in SA
  • Retirement Funds &
  • Endowment Policies
  • Financial Regulation
  • Custody
  • The Equity Market
  • The InterestBearing Securities
  • Market
  • The Derivatives Market
  • Introduction to the Foreign
  • Exchange Market
  • International Investment
  • The Property Market
  • Intro to CIS
  • Hedge Funds
  • Securities Lending
  • Portfolio Management
  • Performance