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Investment Performance

Estimated study time: 8 – 12.5 hours

Plumb Line’s Investment Performance module offers the learner a deeper
look into the world of performance calculation and returns. This five topic
module starts with some background as to why performance measurement
is important. The focus then shifts to specific performance calculations
and how different types of money-weighted and time-weighted
returns are calculated.

What is a benchmark? How can performance be attributed to different
effects? What is style analysis? How is risk measured? How are performance
surveys used? What are AIMR’s PPS? This module answers these
questions and introduces the learner to a variety of performance-related
measures, ratios, surveys and standards.


  • Investment Performance Overview
  • Performance Measurement
  • Benchmarks & Attr Analysis
  • Risk and Performance
  • Return Summeries, Standards
    & Surveys
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